Week 1.1

Welcome! Today is March 5, 2013

Tools we use in this wokshop

This is a PC lab.

  1. Spyder IDE
  2. Google
  3. Friends

You need to make friends :)

If you have your laptop with you, please use it.

The right tools are the one you will use most of the time.

Survey results (1)

Survey results (2)

Most of you are declared CS major.

with one CS minor!

Perfect. Small group is better.

Python 2.7

We don't plan on covering Python 3.3. But I will mention some notable changes whenever possible!

We use CPython

Other famous implementations:

# People have implemented Python language in other languages.
others = {
    'JPython': 'Java',
    'IronPython': 'dot Net',
    'Stackless': 'C and Python',
    'PyPy': 'Pure Python implementation',

Is CPython faster?

Benchmarks are usually unfair. I'd say CPython is good enough for what most people do. It is stable and mature.

Youtube runs with CPython. (Well, of course they have to optimize it.)

Our goals



I usually give a 30 minute walk-through.


I usually have a few exercises during workshop.


After every presentation, work on something! Ask me and your friends for help. Work on your homework if you want to.

Open Source Proejcts?

We can add a command-line interface to the Python program I use to generate these sldies.

Trivial task!

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